Join us on a 10-Day Challenge in our fundraising walk!

Date: 6-15 September 2021
日期:2021年 9月 6日 至15日


Step 1: If you are new to Strava, learn to use the Strava App

Step 2: If you already have a Strava Account, join ‘THE CARING HEART WALK’ club on Strava. After that, proceed to register for the walking challenge.
第二步:若您已拥有Strava帐号,请在Strava上加入 "爱心关怀筹款健走" 俱乐部。 接着,点击以下按钮,报名参赛。

Step 3: Record all walks as 'Run' on Strava, walk a total of 5km or more during the 10-Day Challenge

50 Senior Citizen Walking Challengers who complete the challenge, will be selected to win mystery prizes!


1. Please adhere to prevailing COVID-19 Safety Management Measures (SMMs). 请遵守现行的冠状病毒安全管理措施。

2. Priority will be given to Caring Heart Beneficiaries and Senior Citizens in the selection of prize winners. 在筛选得奖者时,将会优先考虑爱心关怀服务受益者以及乐龄人士

3. Only participants who have joined ‘The Caring Heart Walk’ club on Strava, completed the online registration and completed the challenge, will be considered for mystery gifts and prizes. 只有在Strava上加入了“爱心关怀筹款健走”俱乐部,完成了线上报名,并成功完成挑战的参赛者,才会被考虑获得礼物或奖品。

4. Strava App is the only recognised fitness tracking app in all Caring Heart Walk challenges. Strava应用程序是所有 “爱心关怀筹款健走”挑战赛中,唯一被认可的健身追踪应用程序。

5. Each individual is limited to join a challenge with only one Strava Account. Exemptions for lost accounts will be made on a case-by-case basis. 个人只能用一个Strava帐号参加挑战赛。因帐户丢失的豁免,将视具体的个别情况而处理。

6. Only walks recorded as ‘Run’ on Strava will be reflected on the weekly club leaderboard, and be added to the total distance walked. 只有使用Strava记录为 “跑步 “的健步活动,才会反映在每周的俱乐部排行榜上,并对步行总里程有所累计。

7.  The organiser reserves the right to amend any part of the challenge without prior notice. 主办单位保留修改挑战赛任何部分的权利,无需事先通知。